The critical review

Title: Why the teachers should not use textbooks in their classes

Authors: Andrea Liliana Ramírez Y Giselle Lorena Palacios

Introduction and development

In spite of the course books orient a English  class these have many exercises that deeply in the grammatical aspect of the language, so give the list of key words to proceed to fill blanks , try to show the scheme of some dialogues furthermore  demand to focus in the structures to write and know the categories because apply the rules and accommodate these in sentences is the main objective as a result bore and disappoint to the students who want  to express ideas, pronounce well and need motivation because put or choose specifical words is mechanical and common sense. Is important to use other type of material to teach because the textbooks are not the one resource to prepare a class due to be focused in grammar part and have weaknesses.


First the text books are interested in the grammar, in the useful words and do not develop the language in the other aspects because for the designers is the base to acquire knowledge about the language as to the people recognize pronouns and other elements. This is an exaggeration  where the idea is be expert in locate categories and do sentences in different tenses, In most classrooms, in language lessons, the teacher wrote passages and key that lead to students to recite them , also the writer of the books always claim that they offer the basic tools the reason (Fuller and Clarke, how the teachers use a text book page 39),is that give more importance to some elements Moreover Tomlinson state that text book do not include all the linguistics part because the grammar is not analytical and is a procedure but is very precise and do not incorporate the other language skills only syntaxes because organize and elaborate sentences.

 Likewise, teachers use only the text book for cause of that contain the activities and the things to do, they do not propose other dynamics and follow the indications and the recommendations that book present the teacher do not verify the effectiveness due to require more effort and creativity for explaining and encourage the interaction which is not promoted a teacher called Emily states that textbooks are useful because prepare a teaching material take much time and give suggestions and activities for the students (Chien Ying, The centrality of  the textbooks in  teachers word: perceptions, page 3).

Some books are limited because do not manage the language with their components if involve the phonetics are accompanied of the grammar, on the contrary if point out to the vocabulary expose the writing to unify and write sentences.


Furthermore other inconvenient with text book is that offer an option to teach and bring recommendations to utilize it in the class, is considered the authority so limit the development an interactive class, therefore many teachers depend of this and is essential for preparing their lessons, without create another activity or follow the suggestions given in the book, so diminish the interest and the expectations of the students and some teachers evaluate according the course book  and other teachers consider transmit the culture and the repetition of words or memorize a dialogue of the book, Sheldon states that if you have been assigned a textbook that is perfect, that shouldn’t mean that you can take your foot off the accelerator and rely on the book drive the class. It means that you need to lift your game and use the book to become an even more creative teacher;, textbooks can reduce potential occupational overload and allow teachers the opportunity to spend their time undertaking more worthwhile pursuits. In the same way there are teachers interested in illustrating about the cultural aspect because students understand some expressions and prepare the correct form to say something in a determined situation to complement a textbook , Gray think In this way, he argues, learners will improve their language skills trough of cultural debates, interpretation of images and not is possible to learn without embedding the cultural aspect. (Gray, Sheldon Evaluation of the textbook management and materials, 2004 in

In conclusion, text book need some modifications, the combination of audiovisual material, songs and communicative dynamics that favors the learning and the practice of the language because should cover skills such as: phonetics, vocabulary, speaking spontaneously and correctly according with the culture where the students learns with audio resources and games.





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