Reading Habits: The lost culture

Reading Habits: The Lost Culture

The culture, clearly, has changed in the last decade. All these changes have affected society in different aspects, but one that should be taken into account is the academic aspect. The education field is, probably, the aspect that has been affected the most by the social and technological revolution and this is due to, that paradoxically, this revolution instead of becoming a useful tool has become into a problem. Mass media as flag of this revolution seems to be, in my opinion, the main cause of this problem and the academic field in our country is deeply affected by the Cultural Revolution, I mentioned before, in several aspects, but the one that worried me the most is the reading culture is lost, and is really easy to observe this change taking a look over the factors that have caused this phenomenon. So, analyzing these factors is the main intention of this written.

First of all, the reading culture, apparently, is affected by the students themselves with their clear lack of good attitude towards the act of reading with discipline and displaying a conscious exercise. However, the put all the responsibility on teachers by saying that they teach literature in a bored way by giving texts that they are not interested in. This fact gave me the idea that students are probably right, in consequence, I have studied this situation and I have noticed that the practices regarding the teaching literature exercises are too traditional, and with these traditional methods it is clear that is not enough to seduce students and approach them to a to a conscious reading habit, and even more, to fight back the influence of mass media.

Now, mass media, from my point of view, is the main guilty of causing the lack of interest of students for read, and consequently, the lost of the reading habits as a culture. As we can see, the constant shelling of mass media with marketing techniques over the people in order to make them fall into the consuming game is exaggerate and students do not escape this. For this reason, students are constantly taken away from their academic duties, like reading, and they rather to get worried about what is popular, things such as clothes, videogames, magazines, etc. Even, is worse how students consume the mass media in the sense of communication with the bad use given to it by wasting time watching poor quality TV shows (realities, sub operas, contests, etc), listening to the radio paying attention to the kind of music with no content or with content with bad suggestions; and the worst, the not proper use that they give to the internet spending more time in social networks instead of using it as a tool for acquiring knowledge.

To conclude, I want to mention how important will be to come up with solutions to this problem quickly; because this could increase with the time if not is taken into account as a serious problematic by teachers and students. Reading is not just a simple part of the student’s formation, but a way to get a complete meaningful knowledge and, what I consider more important, a critic position towards the situation in the world, that is not a secret, is not the best. So, it is necessary that adolescents start thinking about this to contribute with the required help to not let the world go down.

David Arango


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